About Betesda School


  • To value each child as an individual with special abilities, gifts and needs and to ensure that they have equal access to all aspects of school life and an enjoyable education. 
  • To create a stimulating yet orderly and safe environment conducive to learning in which children are encouraged to be creative, independent and confident. 
  • To foster an environment that allows for creative and dynamic teaching where every member of staff feels valued and supported and has the opportunity for professional self-development. 
  • To work in partnership with parents, the community, and local primary and secondary schools embracing trust, understanding and mutual support. 
  • To encourage children and staff to adopt healthy lifestyles by promoting physical activity as part of a lifelong healthy lifestyle, encouraging them to eat sensibly and helping them to form positive relationships. 
  • To provide a safe and nurturing environment that allows for the development of the academic, cultural, physical, moral, spiritual and social dimensions of each pupil. 
  • To promote integrity, honesty and self respect in each pupil and develop compassion, tolerance and respect for others.
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Our defining attraction is our values driven Biblical Worldview education based on the South African CAPS curriculum. This unique educational approach develops a life-long foundation of leadership that embraces excellence, integrity, respect, honour and caring in each of our pupils.


Our mission is to equip our pupils with an integrated Biblical worldview and leadership skills to become Christian of influence in whose lives Jesus is Lord.


Betesda Independent School aims to produce pupil leaders with a strong Biblical worldview and foundation who make a significant and positive impact in every aspect of life.


Betesda Independent School provides a secure and positive school environment in which Betesda Independent School students can experience success and a sense of belonging.  Parallel medium education is one of the most important benefits of Betesda Independent School whereby Afrikaans and English speaking students receive tuition in either Afrikaans or English, in separate classrooms.  This ensures that each language group maintains its own identity and cultural values.  On the school grounds at assembly and during extra-mural activities students are exposed to both languages, and regular interaction ensures respect for one another.  A total commitment to respect for the individual, commitment to excellence, loyalty to Betesda Independent School traditions, respect for the environment, and a Christian educational philosophy and practice are the corner stones of our educational ideal.